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Tips for getting started

Know the Color Theory

The basic knowledge about color comes to help you pick and mix tones according your goals.

What are a warm, cold and neutral colors?

Image by Robert Katzki
Image by Tandem X Visuals

Choose Stain Colors

By choosing between clear, semi-clear, and solid stains, you can control the level of transparency and the amount of color you want to add to your wood.

Look at the Trends of color

Check out the hottest new color currently on trend.
Color of the year and the tops colors of 2023.

Image by roam in color

Save Money investing on your cabinets

Change the look of your kitchen cabinets and easily get a fresh space.

Maintenance of your Outdoor spaces

Removing dirt, mold, peeling paint chips, and other unwanted debris is an easy way to keep your spaces beautiful


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